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Why you should sponsor a room now

Becky spent years as her parents' emotional and physical punch bag. At 17, she finally raised the courage to tell the police – but terrified of what they'd do she ran away, finding herself alone with nowhere to go.

As a Roomsponsor, you could give a young person like Becky a home at the YMCA, and the chance of a new, happy life.

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Become a Roomsponsor today and change a young person's life

For just 40p a day, you could bring a young homeless person in from the cold.

You'll give them a safe place to stay and the chance at a brighter future. But more than that, you show them that you care.

  • You help provide a warm bed and a hot meal – perhaps their first in a very long time.
  • Many young people have fled abusive homes and had a terrifying ordeal on the streets. You help provide the counselling they need to move on.
  • Your support will also help give them vital education and training to help them build an independent future.

Sponsor a room now

Sponsoring a room couldn't be easier

Sponsoring a room is simple, and costs just £12 a month. Click on the button to the right, and follow the instructions to start sponsoring a room today.

You'll even get your very own website, where you will receive updates from your room and see how your support is changing the lives of young homeless people.

Get real feedback from the young people you're helping

Real feedback

Sign up to be a Roomsponsor today, and you'll instantly get access to your very own website, where you can read updates from the young people staying in your room.

You'll hear how you're helping young people build a brighter future, and of course they'll be eager to share their progress with you – like exam results, getting a job, or even just feeling safe for the very first time.

When you sign in to your website, you'll also receive a special gift – as a small token of our thanks for your kind support. You can choose from two great designs for your travel card holder, and show the world that you're proud to room sponsor with YMCA.

What you'll receive when you room sponsor with YMCA

Welcome pack

When you become a Roomsponsor, we'll send you a special welcome pack, introducing you to some of the vulnerable young people you're helping.

Sponsor a room now

We really look forward to the updates, as we look forward to news from our friends and families.

Bridget, YMCA Roomsponsor
since 2002

Your sponsorship at a glance

  • A vulnerable young person needs you
    As a sponsor in the Roomsponsorship scheme, you'll help bring young homeless people off the streets for good. Read how three young people have turned their lives around through the help of Roomsponsors.
  • You'll get updates from the young people you're helping
    On your very own website, you'll see how you are helping young homeless people turn their lives around.
  • You'll be helping more than just one young person
    As a Roomsponsor, you'll help young people at YMCAs throughout the UK to build bright, independent futures.
  • It won't cost you much
    At only £12 a month, Roomsponsorship costs less than 40p a day – less than a packet of crisps, a second class stamp or a packet of chewing gum.
  • You can trust our experience
    The YMCA has been helping young people in need for 166 years. Over 7,000 young homeless people count on us for accommodation every night. But we can't do it without you.
  • You'll show young people that you care
    For a young person who has no one, it means so much to them just knowing that you care. More facts about your sponsorship
Sponsor a Room in confidence

Your very own
personal website.

You'll get instant access to your own website, where you can read updates
from young people.

See how you are transforming lives.

You can see how you are helping young people
reach a better future – every step of the way.

Tell us all about yourself.

You'll be able to create a profile, upload a profile picture and manage your regular gifts.

Join the Roomsponsor community.

You can comment on posts, and find out why other people became a Roomsponsor.

Your warm welcome

You'll receive a welcome pack prepared just for you, so you can read about the young people you're helping.

Your special gift

When you sign in to your website, you'll also be able to choose a special gift as a small token of thanks for your kind support. You can take your pick from two great designs – your travelcard wallet will show the world that you're proud to be a Roomsponsor.