YMCA Roomsponsor

What you'll receive as a YMCA Roomsponsor.

As a Roomsponsor you'll get real feedback from the young people who are turning their lives around, thanks to your sponsored room. You'll see them building brighter, better futures.

A special Welcome Pack

Your Welcome Pack introduces you to some of the vulnerable young people you'll be helping. You'll also get a step-by-step guide to Roomsponsorship, see what a sponsored room looks like, and hear about the difference your kind support is making.

Real online and offline feedback

You'll get regular updates from the young people staying in your room so you can see how they're getting along. Whether they're simply feeling safe for the first time in their lives, starting a training course or getting their first job, you can follow their progress by post or through your own personal Roomsponsor website that we'll set up for you.

A special gift to thank you

We will send you a special gift which you can keep and which acts as a reminder of the difference you are making to young people.