When a young person becomes homeless they are often profoundly lonely, isolated and vulnerable. Without support they can easily become trapped in a life of poverty, exclusion, or worse. By becoming a Roomsponsor you can help them to turn their life around.

Being a YMCA Roomsponsor means you will give £12 each month. By supporting YMCA in this way you will enable us to make a massive difference to young people. It can mean:

  • freedom from danger and hunger and a safe place to call home
  • an end to isolation by being welcomed in the family at YMCA
  • counselling and support in a trusting environment
  • skills and training to get into education, work and to lead to an independent life

We offer far more than just a bed for the night, we help young people change their lives and face the future with confidence. It is an approach that sets YMCA apart.